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The Spoiler Alert - Episode #25 - Penguin Style July 2014

It's finally Saturday, and you guys know what this means, this means that a new episode of the weekly The Spoiler Alert, has been released, and this the Team is focusing on the new Penguin Style Catalog and the new music for some rooms, so let's check the video out

So here is the video of this week's The Spoiler Alert! So, if you want to check more Club Penguin Cheats, Walkthroughs, Tips'n'Tricks, Soundtarcks and More be sure to check back! This is Club Penguin Traffic and i'am Santa Jr i'll see you all later
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Updates - June 26, 2014

Has the week arrived when Club Penguin Updates, every Thursday/Wednesday night, so there isn't much to talk for today's updates, besides there is a new pin hidden and the new Issue of the Club Penguin Times has arrived! So, let's check the updates out

Club Penguin Times Issue #453

So, Club Penguin weekly newspaper has been released, now there is a total of #453 Issues released, the main headline in this week's newspaper, is about the Penguin Cup coming to an end

So, let's check out the Upcoming Events for this week
June 29 - Penguin Cup Winners AnnouncedJuly 3 - Penguin StyleJuly 3 - The Vikings that Time Forgot at the StageJuly 10 - New pinJuly 10 - Igloo and Furniture Catalogue UpdatedJuly 23 - New pin And, be sure to check page two for the weekly Comic! Now let's go to this week new pin
So, this week's pin is the MVP Pin and it is hidden at the Cave Mine now known as the Gold Mine! As, a result the Orange Slice Pin at the Hidden Lake is removed

So, he…

SNEAK PEEK: UK Magazine #32!

Santa, here with other Club Penguin News! Recently, just as when i was posting the interview that Polo took with Cole Plante, on the other hand Daffo has posted a Sneak Peek about the Issue #32 of the Club Penguin Magazine wich is coming tomorrow in the UK Stores! Here is what she said

Hiya! I can't believe it's been a month since the last issue of the UK mag came out, can you?! Well it's that time again, so I thought I'd give you all an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at what's in store this month... This month is aaaaall about music, dancing and partying! There's a mega feature with Cadence about dance music style, a totally brill reversible double page poster of the Penguin Band and Cadence, plus all the usual comics, puzzles and gifts. My personal fave from this month's issue is the 2nd edition of Puffle Fact Files, which gives a great profile of the one and only, Dubstep Puffle! Check it out! :) The brand new issue of the UK mag is available tomorrow, June 26th! …

Club Penguin Interview: Polo Field interviews Cole Plante!

So, today, Polo Field managed to finally interview Cole Plane, and looks like Cole plays Club Penguin too! There are a ton of question asked to him, but Polo just picked the more, interesting ones! The last question is from a penguin who asks Cole to say Waddle On! Billybob's famous catchphrase when he was at Club Penguin, and apparently he said it! So, here is the video!

He was asked a ton of different questions! Just keep your eyes peeled if your question was answered by him! So, as always check back for more Club Penguin Cheats, Soundtracks, Walkthroughs, Tipn'n'Tricks and More! This is Club Penguin Traffic and i'am Santa Jr, see you all later!
Santa Jr

Mod Monday - June 23, 2014

Hello, guys! So how are you today! Today Mr. Polo, has posted the meetup times for this week's Mod Monday! The reason why Polo is posting is because Megg is in vacation! And, it seems like Polo is being a bit too rude making those laughs like MUAHAHAHAHA and other things like that! But, enough with those criticizing let's see the meet-up times for this week's Mod Monday

Hey Everybody! Megg is away on vacation this week and she's left Mod Monday in my hands to coordinate! Which means I get to make the rules... BRUHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D Today will be a mystery mod meet-up. That means, I'll post the servers but you'll have to find out for yourself which mods are on. Sounds fun, right? ;) Here are the details: Time: 1:30pm PST (check the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts if you are unsure when this is) Servers:  * Hockey  * Flippers  * Grizzly See you there! -Club Penguin Team
So, tell me in the comments below are you going to this week's Mod Monday! So, check back for m…

Soccer Ball Costume not an Un-lockable Item

So, today my friend over at Twitter azerty15, got curious about the Soccer Ball Costume, and he decided to ask the Club Penguin Team, for this item, if it's available, in the party or it is an actual un-lockable item! But, the answer he got, is surprising, let's check the e-mail he received

(Click the image to enlarge)
So, here is the e-mail he got from the support team!
Be, sure to check back for more Club Penguin Cheats, Walkthroughs, Soundtracks, Tips and More! This is Club Penguin Traffic and i'am Santa Jr! See you all later!
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Updates - June 19, 2014

Is this, the time when the Club Penguin Team updates every Wednesday/Thursday Morning! Back to topic! The time, has come for Club Penguin Island to host it's very first annual Penguin Cup on the Island! Here, you can find all the News regarding to the Penguin Cup and other Club Penguin Minor Updates!

Club Penguin Times Issue #452

The weekly Club Penguin Times, has released their new issue of their newspaper! This is the 25th and brings us to a total of 452 published Issues

Now, let's take a look at this week's Upcoming Events
June 26 - New pinJune 29 - Penguin Cup Awarded to the Winners (The winners are going to be Sharks :P)July 3 - The Vikings That Time Forgot returns at The StageJuly 3 - Penguin StyleJuly 9 - New pin
Penguin Cup 2014
It's finally here, the first ever annual Penguin Cup is on Club Penguin! You can join a Team, that can be Sharks, Hot Sauce, Space Squids or Fluffies, the free items are the Sharks Vuvuzela, Hot Sauce Vuvuzela, Space Squids Vuvuzela and the …

Club Penguin Answers some Question about the Latest App Update

Hey, Penguins! Yesterday, Polo Field posted a post on the What's New Blog, but this is not an unusual post, this is a question post regarding the Club Penguin (app), for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Here are the answered questions from Polo Field

We've been getting a ton of questions about the latest Club Penguin iOS app update. We wanted to give you guys some answers. Why can't I see my backyard? - We weren't able to complete the build on the backyard for version 1.4 of the CP app. However... you can still see which puffles are in your backyard, and move them to you igloo by tapping on the Gate icon. Stay tuned for this update in a future release! Why can't I care for my puffles in my igloo? - When we started working on the 1.4 update, we felt that being able to adopt a puffle was the most important, so we finished that first. We hope to have an improved close-up care in a future release. :) How do I adopt puffles in the app? - You'll have to update the app to ve…

Club Penguin Video: Club Penguin UK - Penguin Cup Fever!

Hey, guys! How are you! So today on Club Penguin's Official Blog, Daffo posted a Video showing us the Club Penguin UK Team, having the Penguin Cup and probably the World Cup fever, on their office, here is the video, and what Daffo said

The, video is above, but what Daffo has wrote on the blog it is below

Hiya! The Penguin Cup is nearly here! And the UK team are going absolutely bananas about it! It's well known that folks in the UK love everything about, ahem, football so we simply cannot wait for the tournament to finally begin! Here's a little video, made by our very own Mr Slumpy, to show you just how football-crazy we really are! Enjoy! :)  What did you think of that? Are you as excited as we are? Leave a comment to let us know what you're doing to prepare for the Penguin Cup! Also, I might be popping online later today with the rest of the UK team for a pre-tournament party! Hope to see you then!            Byeee!           -Club Penguin Team  So, tell me, have yo…

The Spoiler Alert - Episode #24 - Penguin Cup

Yesterday, a new episode of the weekly The Spoiler Alert was released on Club Penguins YouTube Channel! Today, there are various Sneak Peeks in this weeks The Spoiler Alert! So, let's check this week's episode

So, this is all we got in this week's The Spoiler Alert! As, said in the video before Episode 25 of  The Spoiler Alert will not return till' June 28th! So, if you want more Penguin Cup Cheats, Walkthrough's Soundtracks, Tips and More be sure to check back! So, as always I'm Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic, see you all later

Santa Jr

Club Penguin Party: Chatta’s Prom After Party!

So, today our friend Chatta posted new details of her new party: Chatta's Prom After Party! here is what she said and the meet-up time are below!

G'Day Penguins!  It was SO great to see you all at the Royal gathering! You all looked like a million dollars. I think we would make a great Royal Penguin family. How AWESOME was the prom this week too!? So much fun! Everyone looked so nice in their outfits. Club Penguin definitely throws a rockin' prom! I always find it so sad when parties end, so i thought i would try to extend this one a little longer by having a 'post-prom' party! Wooo! So come along to my iggy in your favourite prom outfit and get ready for dancing, jokes and fun! I PROMise it will be a party to remember :) Let's meet in the Forest on the Down Under server on Thursday 19th June. Here are the times:  * 4pm East Australian Standard Time   * 6pm New Zealand Standard Time  * 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 18th June for everyone over in the U…

Sneak Peek: Club Penguin Tweets more Penguin Cup Sneak Peek!

While, i was checking Twitter today Club Penguin, had tweeted a new Penguin Cup Picture just yesterday! This image, is cramped into one picture! So, let's take a look at this image!

Yesterday started the real World Cup, and in just one week it is time for the Penguin Cup to start! I'm in Team Sharks, in what Team are you, Go Sharks! So, i'm Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic! See you all later!
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Video: Penguin Cup Sneak Peek

So, today my friend Ninjakrom, found a Video Sneak Peek of the Penguin Cup, I don't know if this is a part from this coming-week The Spoiler Alert, or it is an actual Sneak Peek Video of the Penguin Cup! Without further ado, let's check it out!

(Credits go to Ninjakrom)
This, is the Sneak Peek! It is an actual Sneak Peek, uploaded from the Club Penguin Team on their YouTube Channel! If you, want more Penguin Cup Cheats, Walkthroughs, Soundtracks, Tips and More, be sure to check back this week! This is Club Penguin Traffic and i'am Santa Jr, see you all later

Santa Jr

Penguin of the Week: Michelle4392

Today's Penguin of the Week (POTW) has been finally announced on the Blog! This weeks lucky penguin is Michelle4392, the main why she was chosen I don't know, but Daffo does know this reason!

Hiya! The winner of Penguin of the Week goes to the super brill, Michelle4392! She's always looking out for other penguins, helping to turn penguin frowns upside down and giving her buddies tips with finding pins and playing mini games. You can always count on Michelle4392 to be a caring friend! :) All winners receive the EPIC Penguin of the Week background along with 10,000 coins! Don't forget to comment below to send me your nominations for next week's POTW. Byeee!
So, this is for this weeks POTW! Check back next week for Penguin Cup Cheats, Soundtracks, Tips and More only at Club Penguin Traffic! This is Club Penguin Traffic and my name is Santa Jr! See you next time

Santa Jr

Club Penguin's June Featured Artist: Cole Plante

So, today Polo along with the Music Jam announcemet, he made another post regarding to an artist, not a penguin artist, but a real life artist, his name is Cole Plante! The reason why i'm posting this is because, Polo not just needs you to ask him your questions but he will also be remixing this years Music Jam, main music wich will be ''Gotta have a Wingman''

Polo here with something new and different for you guys. As you may know, Music Jam 2014 is coming this July. So I thought of the perfect way to celebrate... by featuring some musicians here on the Club Penguin blog!  This month's Featured Artist is an awesome DJ named Cole Plante. I'm a huge fan of Cole's electronic/dubstep style. He's an upcoming star who's even played huge music festivals!  Now here's where YOU come in... I'm going to interview Cole, and post the video here on the blog. So I need YOUR help to come up with some great interview questions! I plan to ask him: * When…

Club Penguin's July Party - Music Jam 2014

So, we all now know that July's party is going to be the returned Music Jam 2014! But, Polo has written a post on the official What New Blog about the Music Jam! Check it out!

Some of you may have already heard about the party coming in July. Just in case you haven't, here is the official announcement of MUSIC JAM :D *crowd cheering* We've got some big plans -- starting with some featured artists and awesome tunes! I won't say who'll be featured or what's going to happen, just know it'll be awesome. Any guesses of what's in store for this year's Music Jam? Post them in the comments below! Waddle on,  -Club Penguin Team
He, didn't give much of a Spoiler at what we are gonna expect at this year's Music Jam, but here is a list at what do we know so far

Penguin Band and Cadence comingCadence will have a new song So, this is all the information, that we know so far! So, check back for more Penguin Cup Cheats, Walkthrough's, Soundtracks and Mor…

Club Penguin Music: CPU Prom Theme, Penguin Cup Anthem, This is CPSN, Stadium Ambience, Shark Beatz, Hot Sauce Rock, Squids Score, & Hello Yellow!

So, as promised here are the Igloo Musics and the Penguin Prom Music! Let's hear them here on Club Penguin Traffic! Thanks to my friend FrostyBadge for letting me post his music on my site!

So, here are the Penguin Cup Soundtracks used for Igloo Music and the Penguin Prom Theme used in the School! Thanks to FrostyBadge for letting me use his musics, to post in this site! I'am Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic, see you all later!
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Updates - June 12, 2014

Today Club Penguin, has released their weekly Updates! Along with new newspaper issue being released, they have also released the Snow Forts and Stadium Construction for the Penguin Cup, and the Penguin Prom Mini-Party! So, shall we get started with the Updates!

Furniture & Igloo Catalog

As, many of you know, Club Penguin releases a monthly issue of the Furniture & Igloo Catalog, this month the theme of the catalog is all about the Penguin Cup, there are only two cheats, not counting the old edition of the catalog!

Hidden Item (#1) - Scoop Chair

Hidden Item (#2) - Funky Bookshelf

As for the other Items here are they

Igloo Location
This month, igloo location is called the Soccer Pitch, this igloo location costs 1,800 coins to buy

Penguin Prom
The Penguin Prom is on now at the School and at the Mine Shack! You can get a free Graduation Cap and a free Background! This how the School and Mine Shack look like

Club Penguin Times Issue #451
Club Penguin's new issue has arrive, the main…

Club Penguin Music: Penguin Cup 2014 Musics

Today, Club Penguin uploaded 8 new songs for the Penguin Cup, that all of you already now know that is coming June 19! So are guys, in the mood to listen up to some Penguin Cup songs!

Penguin Cup 2014

If, you want to listen to the Penguin Cup Song be sure to click the link above the picture! Check back tomorrow for more, Penguin Prom Cheats, Music, Walkthrougs, Tips and More for 2014! I'am Santa Jr and this Club Penguin Traffic see you all later!
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Blog: Daffo's App Tips - Sushi Drop!

Yesterday, Daffo posted a new post on the official Club Penguin, this post it's not too important but since Apple users have the Club Penguin (app), on their mobile device, and want to win more coins and rare items, I thought that I would post it here

Hiya! Let's talk about the EPIC Sushi Drop mini game on the Club Penguin app! :) With Sushi Drop, each day you'll earn a new piece of sushi by logging into the app and exploring the different sections (including the blog and video areas). Once you've earned some delicious sushi, you simply need to drop it into the hungry clams' mouths. The challenge is getting your sushi to drop into the largest clam's mouth (he's the big fella in the middle) to get the maximum number of coins. Trying aiming your sushi at either the left or right hand side (rather than the middle) to increase your chance of it ending up in the mega clam's mouth at the bottom You can create handy bubbles in the water by tapping the screen, …