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Club Penguin Updates - October 30, 2014

Hey, guys!

So, as always Club Penguin has their weekly updates on the island, today's update include a new issue of the Club Penguin Times and a new Pin!

Club Penguin Times - Issue #471 - Spectral Readings Off The Charts!

So, this week's new issue of the Club Penguin Times, got released! This issue is the 471st issue and the main headline in this week's newspaper is about the Happening at the Puffle Hotel! The second article is Club Penguin wishing players a Happy Halloween! Here is the newspaper

Okay, now let's look at this and the upcoming week Upcoming Events
November 6th: November 2014 Penguin StyleNovember 13th: New PinNovember 13th: Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal at the StageNovember 13th: November 2014 Furniture & Igloo CatalogueNovember 27th: New Pin Now let's move on to this week's new pin!
Ghost Pin
You, know now that Club Penguin releases a new pin every two week's! Well, that time is here! As, a result the Anniversary Balloons Pin is no more available …

Club Penguin Blog: Reviewed by You: Stories

Hey, guys!

The second, "Reciewed by You" post is here, and this time it's about stories! Club Penguin, want to ask you about your favorite story, my favorite story are the Harry Potter books! So let's get moved on

Hey everyone! We were talking recently about some of our favorite stories. Stories happen in books, movies, and even games (like Club Penguin!)  Then we thought... why don't we ask the Club Penguin community what their favorite stories are? We want to hear from you! What is your all-time favorite story and... what do you like best about it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team
Like, I said before my favorite stories are the Harry Potter stories! What I like more about this stories, is the magic that happens at the Hoguorts school! So, why don't you go and let the Club Penguin Team what's your favorite story is and what part to you most like about it! So, if you want more Halloween Party Cheats, Tips'…

Club Penguin Sneak Peek: Pirate Party 2014

Hey, guys!

On the Club Penguin there is more information about the next month's party, the Pirate Party 2014! This post is made by Ninja, he hasn't posted on the Club Penguin since his last post! You probably know all Ninja, he doesn't speak wich in this case he doesn't say much, he just included a sneak peek and nothing more

I wonder what room this is going to be! The Party itself will tell this! Don't forget the Pirate Party is going to start on the 20th of November! So, if you want more Halloween Party Cheats, Tips'n'Tricks, Exclusives, Soundtracks, Walkthrough's and More be sure to check back at this site! I'am Santa and this is Club Penguin Traffic and i'll see you all later
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Interview with Me to We Speaker Molly Burke

Hello, guys!

So, today Megg made a post, but it's not for a new issue of the Penguin Style nor it is for an Igloo Catalog! Today's post is about the Day of Preventing Bully, so if you've ever got bullied here are some questions from Megg and Deamama they've made with Molly Burke

Hello Penguins! When she was four-years‐old, Molly Burke’s world began to darken: she was diagnosed with a disease that caused her loss of vision. Despite this, when she was just five, she started public speaking and inspiring others with her story.  Deamama and I had the amazing opportunity to ask Me to We speaker Molly Burke a few questions about her experiences with bullying. We think her answers are really important, and we wanted to share them with you. What would you say to someone who is being bullied today? I’d tell them they aren’t alone. I’ve been there, and so have many others. It may feel like it’s never going to get better, but believe me, it will. Stay strong, believe in yourself, …

Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

Hello, guys!

I can't believe that Club Penguin is already 9 years old, I had so many great memories back when I first joined Club Penguin, with my first ever penguin, now Santa Jr was my second penguin that I have created! In commemoration of Club Penguin's 9th Anniversary Party, Polo posted a video, that has been made possible from Megg and Ninja! There are some great fan arts in the video, that deserve to be reviewed!

I've seen this video on one of my friend's blog, and there are some amazing fan art's made by the Club Penguin Community! I would like to thank the Club Penguin Team for the amazing 9 whole years, that gave us the greatest excperience ever! If you want to check more Halloween Party 2014 Cheats, Tips'n'Tricks, Exclusives, Walkthrough's, Soundtracks and More check back! I'am Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic and i'll see you all later
Santa Jr

Club Penguin Times - Issue #470 - Puffle Hotel Haunted! and Club Penguin Yearbook 3013-2014

Hey, Penguins!
I hope you are enjoying the Halloween Party 2014, but tath's not the reason i'm posting! 1, 2, 3.......... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLUB PENGUIN!And, along with Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party there is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times, wich main headline is about the Haunted Puffle Hotel and the Club Penguin Yearbook 2013-2014 is finally here

Club Penguin Times - Issue #470 - PUFFLE HOTEL HAUNTED!
A new issue, of the Club Penguin Times is finally released! The main in this week's newspaper is about (as stated at the begining of this post is about the Puffle Hotel being Haunted by who else rather than Ghost Puffle's

Today, rather than the usual Upcoming Events section, the Island Rumors section has returned once again:
By Rumor Reporter - The island is buzzing with talk about the Puffle Hotel's new "renovation".But the culprits behind the haunted hotel is the real scoop.
Myth-hunters are reporting ghost puffles all over the place.
If …

Amazing Halloween 2014!

Hello penguins! As you all might be aware that the Halloween Party 2014 has been inaugurated and I feel that it is completely disconcerting and stunning! The looks are extremely hair-raising and almost all rooms of the island have been decorated! So, by not wasting time only talking, let's move on to show you all the rooms of the island!

Here is the first screen and a message given by Gary the Gadget Guy! Gary will give you a green Puffle, click on it and get started with the quests!  In this quest you have to click the first elevator, then the third elevator and it will start working!
 You can also see some messages by the Mel boy, telling us about the quests! Uttttterrrrly Spooky!   When you enter the elevator, you will see the 13 floors, with some of them not being unlocked!  If you'll go to the Lobby, you'll see the Mel boy giving some messages again! Hints about the second quest!
 After that click the green Puffle and select go there written under the golden wheel!  In …

Mod Meetup - October 21, 2014

Is that time again, when the weekly Mod Meetup is here! So, if you want to attend Mod Monday today, be sure to read these times below and this post too!

Hello Penguins! Ready for a sparkly mod meetup? This week's featured mod is:  Here are a few fun facts about Cool Beans: 1. I have a cat and a puffle named Penelope. 2. My favorite parties are the Halloween and Holiday parties 3. I like to vacation in Hawaii 4. Favorite Server: Sparkle - because I like sparkles You can ask more questions by going on the server Sparkle at 2:00pm PST. Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team
So, if you're in luck to meet and even be friends with Cool Beans, then you are in luck! If you want, more Halloween Party Cheats, Tips'n'Tricks, Exclusives, Soundtracks, Walkthrough's and More, check this site! I'am Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic and i'll see you all later

Santa Jr

Club Penguin Apps: New Zealand and Australia soon will be able to Beta Test PuffleWild?

Hello, Penguins!

For all the Club Penguin Traffic, that live in New Zealand and Australia, you are in luck guys! Because, you guys are the first to beta test the game PuffleWild, don't worry you americans, when the beta test will be finished the game will be released worldwide for iOS! Here is what Megg, wrote

We love it when we can officially confirm rumors about things we're working on.   Here's another Club Penguin Team confirmation stamp of awesomeness for the upcoming Puffle Wild app for Apple iOS devices! If you like Match 3 games, you'll love this! It's an adventure into the unexplored wilderness of Club Penguin. You can bring your puffles to help conquer the wild. There may even be some new powerful puffles to discover... Players in Australia and New Zealand will be able to download the app and beta test it soon. The team wants to make sure everyone has a great experience with the Puffle Wild app. So we're doing a beta test first to help us balance out …

Club Penguin Video: PuffleWild - Pages from an Explorer's Journal

Hello, Penguins!

So, just yesterday Megg has revealed more about the new Club Penguin App, wich is PuffleWild, here is a Video from an explorer's eye, check this out

Pictures can tell amazing stories. Get a glimpse into the mysterious wilds of Club Penguin, through the eyes of a great explorer.
So, what do you think! Does the Penguin Statue that holds a Puffle remind you of something that you've seen, I know it but time will tell if it real! So, if you want more Halloween Party Cheats, Walkthrough's, Tips'n'Tricks, Exclusives, Soundtracks and More, be sure to come back! I'am Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic and i'll see you all later

Santa Jr

Club Penguin Updates - October 16, 2014

Hello, Penguins!

Today, as many of you know is the day when Club Penguin has it's regular updates on the island, today updates include many things, so i'am name them just like I did before

Inventory Item Order Changed

First, of all Club Penguin changed it on the Club Penguin (app), now it's on the web version too! If you don't know for what i'am talking about, the Inventory of you items has been changed placing the new ones at the top and the old ones at the bottom

Now, instead of seeing my Colors and Head Items first, now I will see my new items instead
Club Penguin Times - Issue #469 - Building a Haunted Igloo
The new issue of the weekly Club Penguin Times, is here! This week's main headline is about how to build a haunted igloo

Now for the Upcoming Events for this and the next week! And did you noticed any text typo on this week's newspaper
October 23rd: New YearbookOctober 23rd: Anniversary PartyOctober 23rd: Halloween PartyOctober 30th: New PinNovember 13th…