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Pirate Party Sneak Peek: Dueling Swashbucklers!

So, today Megg, posted a sneak peek of a sketch that shows us, that at this year's Pirate Party, we can battle with crabs, we know this from the Homepage Screen! Without further writing, here is what Megg said

What would a pirate party be without sword fighting? Seriously... does anyone know? Anyone? Luckily, we won't have to find out! :D   During the party, you can battle pesky crabs and duel with your friends! Here's a concept sketch to show you what the crab battle might look like: What do you think? Are you excited for this feature? I know I sure am! Waddle on,  -Club Penguin Team
This, is the Sneak Peek! Are you excited to see the Pirate Party return once again on the island! So, this is all! If you, want more Pirate Party 2014 Cheats, Tips'n'Tricks, Exclusives, Walkthrough's, Soundtracks and More, like this be sure to check back! I'am Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic and i'll see you all later

Santa Jr

Club Penguin Updates - November 13, 2014

Hey, guys!

Finally, after waiting the entire day for Club Penguin to release it's weekly updates, here they are! So, today Club Penguin had it's usual updates, like every week! There is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times, a new edition of the Furniture & Igloo Catalog, and a new pin!

Club Penguin Times - Issue #473 - Weeks Old Message Arrives!
So, as mentioned at the beginingg of this post, Club Penguin released a new issue of their weekly Club Penguin Times! The main article, in this week's issue is and old message that has arrived on Club Penguin

Instead, of the usual Upcoming Events this week is "Island Rumors" time again:
HERBERT UNDERWATER?By Rumor Reporter - WHOA! I got some hot news from an EPF insider. An agent in the know told me that Herbert may have learned to build a submarine! Who knows where he got those plans, but if you see anything that looks like a periscope, let me know. Actually, let EVERYONE know! It's Herbert!
The only Upcoming Event…

UK BAFTA Kids' Vote 2014!

Hey, there!

You now must be aware that, this year the BAFTA Kids' Awards 2014, is being held in the United Kingdom (UK) so Club Penguin is entering this contest for the 5th time now, if i'am not mistaken! Daffo made a post about this, and the team needs your help to win their 2nd BAFTA Award, they won just 1 time! Anyways, here is the post made by Daffo

Hiya! A big shout out to players from the UK – Club Penguin has been nominated for the BAFTA Kids’ Vote award for Best Website! We’re super happy to be nominated again, but only you can help us win! If you’re in the UK, and you want to vote for Club Penguin, click here – but make sure to ask your parents first! The winners will be announced on 23rd November, so place your vote before then, and leave a comment below to wish us good luck! :D Byeee! -Club Penguin Team
As, stated at the end of the post the winners of the BAFTA Awards will be announced on the 23rd of this month! So, if you are in the UK make sure to vote! So, if you…

Membership Page - November 2014

Hi, there!

So, along with the other Club Penguin Updates, Club Penguin also updated the membership page of what we can expect this month on the island! We all now know that November's party is gonna be the Pirate Party! Without further adiue, here is the Updated Membership Page and the description

It reads:
Shop for Pirate Penguin Styles: Arrrr! Get seafarin' styles the likes of the Merguin Fin and the Lost Sailor's OutfitBuild Ships: Starting Nov. 13, members can build pirate ships inside their igloos.Unlock Special Swords: Members can battle the boss crab with special swords Nov. 20 - Dec. 3.
So, this was all the information I had for you! So, if you want more Pirate Party Cheats, Tips'n'Tricks, Exclusives, Soundtracks, Walkthrough's and More, check this site again! I'am Santa Jr and this is Club Penguin Traffic and i'll see you all later

Santa Jr

Club Penguin Updates - November 5, 2014

Hi, guys!

So, today Club Penguin unexpectedly updated the island, while they were supposed to do this yesterday! But, whatever! A new issue of the Club Penguin times came out today and the new issue of the Penguin Style is here, finally! The main the for this Penguin Style are pirates!

Club Penguin Times - Issue #472 - Gariwald Safe And Sound

The, 472nd issue of the weekly Club Penguin Times is here! The main headline in this week's newspaper is about Gariwald being Safe and Sound!

The Upcoming Events, for this and the following week are as follows:
Nov. 13th - Furniture & Igloo Catalog releasedNov. 13th - New PinNov. 20th - Rockhopper arrivesNov. 27th - New Pin So, this was all about this week's newspaper, moving on to is the new Edition of the Penguin Style!
Penguin Style - November 2014
With the Halloween Party gone, so is the Penguin Style October 2014 Edition! So, today with the other Club Penguin released also the new Edition of the monthly Penguin Style! Here are the pag…

Club Penguin App coming to Android this month!

If, you smartphone works with the Android system, then you are in luck because Club Penguin is going to release their main app for Android this month! You, probably are saying "Why is Santa so sure about this information and from who did he got this information!" well for, you Russian speaking penguin and who know the Russian language already you can find this information here at this link!

For, you that don't understand the Russian language, don't worry, i'am here to translate it for you:

Currently the game is available on two platforms: the online portal and mobile application “Club Penguin” for iOS. In November 2014 the game will also be released on Google Play.
But, I don't think that Disney needs to spoil so many things like this, but it Okay! For this provided information I have only to thank Trainman for this! I myself am very excited, because I have my smartphone runned by the Android system! So, if you want more Pirate Party 2014 Cheats, Tips'n…

Club Penguin November Party - Pirate Party 2014

Hey, Penguins!

Do, you remember the last post made on the blog by Ninja, well today Megg has secured us more sneak peeks and information about the party we all know now, the Pirate Party 2014! She, included some information and a picture with Captain Rockhopper and Yarr with a Treasure Map that's pointing at the Icebreg! Hmmm! Do you think, that we will finally be able to tip the Iceberg at last or is that another mystery! If you, don't know what i'am talking about, here is the post and the picture

Remember that strange blog post from Ninja last week? If you haven't seen it, you can find it here. Ninja, always being one of few words, wanted everyone to guess what the next party is -- and most of you did! If you guessed the Pirate Party, you are CORRECT! We'll have sneak peeks coming soon, so keep checking back. Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team
What, do you think this party will be based off on! Do, you really think that we will finally be able to tip the Iceberg and f…