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Penguin of the Week: Valerijagorn

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Stylish music lover Valerijagorn is all about two things: friends and fashion! She always helps other penguins choose the most trendy outfits, gives igloo decoration advice, and is a good friend to anyone who knows her. Leave your Penguin of the Week nominations in the comments! Selected penguins will receive 10,000 coins and the POTW background. Byeee! -Club Penguin Team

Featured Fan Art: January 2015

A Message From Megg:

Hi Penguins,

We receive some amazing drawings through our Fan Art page and that got us thinking... there has be a way we can show off how talented our community is -- the world needs to see these!

May I present to you, Club Penguin's first monthly featured fan art video:

For next month's video, we thought it would be great to have a theme. To continue on with February being all about music, let's make music our theme!

Submit your music inspired fan art here!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Chatta's Australia Day Extravaganza

This is a message from Chattabox:

G’Day Penguins, Monday was a VERY special day for us down under; it was Australia Day! So I’d like to say a big HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to my fellow Aussie penguins.  To celebrate this awesome occasion, I’m going to be throwing a special ‘Aussie Extravanganza’ party in my iggy. The one we held last year was amazing and this year I want to make it even better! Who’s with me? Dress in green and gold (or yellow!) and bring along your best Aussie jokes, facts and remember to practice the lingo; its going to be a ‘ripper’ day. I’ll be decking out my iggy as a typical Aussie beach party with bbq’s music and beach fun! Can’t wait to see you all – come and celebrate all things Australia with your favourite Aussie mascot ;) Let's meet in the Forest on the Down Under server on Wednesday 28th January. Here are the times:  * 4pm East Australian Standard Time  * 6pm New Zealand Standard Time  * 9pm Penguin Standard Time on Tuesday 27th January for everyone over in…

Mod Meetup - January 26, 2015

Hi Penguins! Today's mod meetup host is back and ready for another great party. Let's give a warm welcome back to... Grand Stand!  The theme for today will be, PUFFLES! So, everyone bring a puffle, because you've Gotta Have a Wingman ;) (Shoutout to Grand Stand for that great line) Here are even more fun facts about Grand Stand: 1. I have a very faded black puffle on top of my computer that keeps me company at work. I call it "Grumpy Puffle", but I don't think it's actually grumpy, just thinking. 2. I like both coffee and tea 3. I have been a stage manager, sound tech, spotlight operator, and stage crew for real life theatre productions (So. Much. Fun!) 4. Server: Snow Board - because I miss snowboarding You can ask more questions by going on the server Snow Board at 2:00pm PST. Don't forget your wingman! Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team


Hey Penguins,

I am SUPER STOKED to tell you that we have FINALLY changed our name to! PLEASE spread the word or we will be forced to take the website down due to costs. Thank you guys SO much for all of the support and we hope to continue blogging with you! Until next time... WADDLE ON!

P.S. Include the www. for the website to work! (ex:


Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Kanan CHEATS

The team is back and need our help! This time, Kanan!  It's a trap! Throw snowballs to fight the Storm Troopers off and rescue Kanan!  Kanan: Wow. I guess we'll call that your final test. You really proved yourself. Now, let's get out of here before the Inquisitor comes down in person. Kanan: Members can collect their own lightsabers. If they duel other Force users, they'll earn even more lightsabers. They will need one if they are going to face the Inquisitor. Karan: Before you go swinging that lightsaber around, you should know how to duel. It works like rock, paper, scissors- every attack has a counterattack. Train hard, and watch out for the Inquisitor!

Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Zeb & Hera CHEATS

Hey Penguins! It's day 2 of the Star  Wars Rebels Takeover, and you know what that means! Yup, Zeb and Hera come to Club Penguin. Lets see what they ask of us today... Zeb: Zeb here. You thinking of joining us? Well we need to get rid of the defense towers or our ship won't be able to fly. Take them out with a few well-places snowballs! Look for the defense towers and throw a snowball at them. Make sure to hit them 2 times to take them down!  Do you see the tower?  This one's kind of tricky.... See if you can find it! Do you see it? This one should be easy...  Once your done shooting all of the defense towers, click on the Rebels sign in the top right corner to collect your free items! Hera: Hi. My name is Hera. You're very brave to fight the Empire. Before we can fly, Chopper's going to need dried batteries. Can you collect them for us?  Look for the dried batteries and click on them. Sometimes, there are 2 batteries in 1 room, so be careful!  These batteries can be hard to find, d…

Club Penguin Apps: Puffle Wild App Is Coming To Android

Hey, there

Long time, no see but I apologise for this, because i've been busy with my personal life, but that doesn't matters anymore, cause i'am back! So, back to topic! Recently Club Penguin got released in Android, but they also said that they are trying to bring Sled Racer and Puffle Wild to Android, but no talks for those apps have been seen to the public, until now! Look at this picture

Do, you see what it reads, under "Titles", YES, Club Penguin is in works of Puffle Wild to bring this app to Android, but this is just a rumour, anyways, time will tell this if this is true! So, this is Club Penguin Traffic and we will see you all later
Santa Jr

Star Wars Rebels Takeover - On Now!

This is a message from Megg:

Greetings penguins, The time has come to prove yourself and rise up against the Empire. The Star Wars Rebels™ Takeover is on now!  Your first day of training with Sabine and Ezra awaits -- good luck! Oh, and remember to come back after you've completed your first day of tasks and let us know how it went. :) Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team

Penguin of the Week: Tomisino1!

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Tomisino1 is one super stylish penguin! The green-themed outfit he’s rocking is just brill. His Igloo even has green furniture to match, and I’ve heard he throws great Igloo parties that all his friends enjoy. A great reason to go green! If you know a penguin who should be POTW, leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW background. Byeee! -Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 CHEATS

Hey Penguins!

The Star Wars Rebels party just started on Club Penguin! It looks like a pretty fantastic party! What's that? You don't believe me? See for yourself then:

Hey. I'm Kanan. Our Crew is going to stop the empire. Do you think you have what it takes to join us? Do a mission for every member of the Ghost's crew, then we can talk more. This is what pops up when you click on the Rebellion icon in the top right corner of your screen. Complete missions to earn awesome prizes. Come back everyday for more missions! Hi there, ace. The name's Sabine. Wanna help me redecorate? Throw a snowball to paint the rebel symbol over these gross Imperial posters. The posters have an Imperial sign that's red. Throw a snowball on the poster to cover the poster with a green stick Rebel symbol. Throw a snowball at all of the posters to complete your mission. After your done with that, you will get to collect your prize! Hi, I'm Erza. I know what it's like to have to prove yourself to …

Club Penguin Times Issue 483

WANTED: Imperial Rulers! 900,000 Points to Gryfindor if found.


Imperial Pin Cheat

Hey Penguins!

If you waddle over to the Clothes Shop you will see the brand new Club Penguin Imperial Pin. The pin is available to non-member and member penguins. This is what it looks like:

Pretty cool huh? I'm pretty sure that this years Star Wars party is going to be AWESOME. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time... WADDLE ON!

February is Music Month on Club Penguin

A Message From Megg:
Hey Penguins!

I love music, you know why? Music brings people (and penguins) together. And boy do we have one music filled month coming up!

One of the exciting things happening in February is a music themed party! Here's a concept drawing of a room from the party:

AND you can expect more musical goodies throughout the month -- such as the hairstyle that you helped pick a color for :D

We'll have more information about how you'll experience all things musical soon.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

New Unlockable Code: STARWARS

Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin just released a new unlockable code! Check it out:

You can unlock the Kloo Horn by typing in the code STARWARS on the Club Penguin website. I hope you are looking forward to the Star Wars Rebels party as much as I am! Until next time... WADDLE ON!

Mod Meetup - January 19, 2015

Awe Snapcraklp0p! We have new host for today's meetup and it's definitely going to be bear-y cool.(I've had a lot of coffee today, bear with me :P) If you haven't guessed, our host today is Snapcraklp0p, and she came prepared with a theme – winter wildlife! That means, everyone try and wear an animal or winter costume/item to the meetup. Here are some fun facts about Snapcraklp0p: 1. I love all cats, big or small!
2. I love meeting new friends
3. I am currently learning how to play the Ukelele!
4. Server: Polar Bear - because polar bears are awesome You can ask more questions by going on the server Polar Bear at 2:00pm PST. Remember to come dressed in your winter wildlife outfit! Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

Coming Soon - Puffle Wild iOS App Updates

This is a message from Megg:

Hi Penguins! Later this month, we'll be releasing an update to the Puffle Wild app on iOS. With this update, there will be a couple great new features we think you'll love! First, do you sometimes feel like you've adopted more puffles than you can handle? I know I have -- I can barely feed myself sometimes ;)   If you answered yes to my question, then this update will help! Within the Puffle Wild iOS app only, you'll be able to release any of your puffles back to the wild to hang out with their other wild puffle friends!  Second, for those of you that adopted the blue crystal puffle during the Merry Walrus party -- you can now bring your new puffle into the app to help win challenges even faster. I've also heard he'll have his own special ability. Super cool! You can download the Puffle Wild app here so you're ready when the update comes. Who else is excited to see the blue crystal puffle's special ability? What do you think…

Hi there, guys! I'm Flip Flap15

Hey Guys,
Im Flip Flap15 I am this blogs new designer. I have been playing Club Penguin since 2013. I'm also known as the admin of my blog called Flip Flap15 in Club Penguin & Order It CP. I can't wait to start blogging here and I would like to thank OrangeCP for the invitation to work here.

See you guys later :D.

VIDEO: "You've Got This" - New Cadence Track Coming in February

This is a message from Megg:

Hello Penguins, Here's some epic news for you – we're working on a new Cadence track to be released in February! Yep, that's right! The track will be called "You've Got This" and here's a little remixed sample for you: Now, you may be curious as to why we're working on a new track... not to worry, we'll reveal more early next month! Stay tuned :D Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

Penguin of the Week: Cleo4343

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Cleo4343 was nominated for raising awareness of Coins for Change – she even wrote a song about it! How brill is that? She’s also known for throwing great parties in the Dance Club! Who do you think should be the next Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment and tell us why! All winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW background. Byeee! -Club Penguin Team

New Play Page Sneak Peek

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hello Penguins!  There's a little update launching tomorrow, and I thought you'd like a sneak peek. You may notice something different when you click on that bright yellow "Play Now" button! Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I think this tweak looks awesome! Speaking of which, I'd love to hear what your favorite color is! Tell me what your favorite color is by leaving a comment below! Until then... Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team

YOU DECIDE: Musical Items

Hi Penguins, We would like your help deciding on some music related items coming later this year. Below, I have some variations of a new hairstyle that will be available for everyone. This is also where you, the community, come in – help us decide on a color! Comment below with which color you would like to see in an upcoming catalog (Green, Purple, Red, or Blue) OH! And if you have a suggestion for a musical item you'd like to see-- we'd love to hear about it! Let us know along with your vote :) Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

Mod Meetup - January 12, 2015

This is a message from Megg:

Hi Penguins, Word on the island is, last week's mod meetup was tons of fun! So much fun in fact, that I asked Grand Stand to come back and host today's meetup :D This time, there will also be a theme... LIGHTS! Here's a message from Grand Stand about why she chose lights as the theme: "One of my favorite natural phenomena is the Northern Lights, aka the Aurora borealis: Everyone bring a lantern, flashlight or glowing item to Mod Monday! We're going to do a light parade across the island." If you missed your chance to meet Grand Stand last week, here are some fun facts: 1. I love making magic happen, and making someone's day.
2. My music playlist contains a lot of rock and roll, both classic and contemporary.
3. My favorite instruments to listen to are the cello and the oboe.
4. Server: Aurora - because Northern Lights You can ask more questions by going on the server Aurora at 2:00pm PST. (And don't forget your lantern, flashl…